Panjab FA Train at Leicester City FC Training Ground

The Panjab FA squad got together to train at Leicester City FC training ground. The club were fantastic in hosting us at their Premier League quality facilities as we prepare for the CONIFA World Cup 2020.

The manager’s thoughts – “It was a good session overall, great facilities here at Leicester City’s Training ground. It was good to get the lads playing and see where everyone is at, we worked on some tactical elements in the 11v11.

We have a fair idea of what’s to come so need to be prepared.
It was good to see the majority of the group here with some new faces in attendance.
I’m expecting more players to join up over the coming months and try to break into the team. We can only take the best players to the World Cup so there’s a lot of competition for places. It will be a tough decision in the end for the management team!”

Thank you to Swaran Rai and Leicester City FC for organising and allowing us to use these incredible facilities.

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