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Reuben Hazell Delighted With Liverpool Opportunity

Manager Reuben Hazell has revealed his delight for Panjab FA after the club announced a friendly with Liverpool U23’s in preparation for the CONIFA World Cup.

The tournament, which takes place in London, gets underway on the 31st May as Panjab FA take on Kabylie in the first game.

Speaking straight after the announcement with Liverpool Football Club, Hazell couldn’t hide his excitement for the latest news.

He said: “It goes without saying – they are one of the biggest teams in the world.

“They have a very good Under 23 side who are technically better than us but we are ready to stand up to the test. They’re a supergiant in world football who move the ball around very quickly – so it will be a good test for the lads.

“We will come up against teams like this in World Cup, teams who move the ball around well and keep possession. It’s paramount that we know what to do.”

The former defender also admits that he will be willing to try new things out in the game, and admits that it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment.

“We will be experimenting,” he added.

“We are still looking for our team to take to the World Cup. This is our last game before we announce our 20-man squad, so it will be a good opportunity to show what the boys can do.

By Lewis Richards


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