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Panjab FA CIC

Panjab FA recognise the importance of community and the best way to connect with our community and give something back is by way of setting up a CIC. All donations are very much appreciated and you can be assured that everything will be put back into the community so that we can inspire future generations and support them on their journey.


To increase the participation of South Asians in elite level sport.


To develop our national football team representing the community of Panjab (North India) primarily from the UK and then from across the world; then use this to increase participation of Panjabi players in elite level sport.


  • To identify the best footballing talents across the globe, by holding football trials and events, in as many highly Panjabi populated nations to help find, develop and guide young talent to pursue football further.
  • To become a competitive national football team, playing friendlies both home and away as well as compete and participate at international tournaments.
  • To encourage physical and mental well-being within the community through football
    and sports in general.
  • To hold community events to promote the Panjab national team, healthy living, and community cohesion.
  • To help provide a footballing platform to to those who desire to work in football. Using sport as a tool for engagement to upskill members of the community so that they can become qualified and support the participants more effectively.
  • Having facilities for sport and physical activity which improve fitness and health (facilities means land, buildings, equipment and organising sporting activities), is an ambition that we hope to achieve in the future with our own facilities.
  • Whilst we will have a focus on those who are of Panjabi and South Asian descent, we are open to supporting all cultures and backgrounds who may be in need, irrespective of age, ill-health, disability, gender, economic status, ethnicity, or other disadvantage.