Panjab target the world title outside FIFA

2018 is the year of International football competitions. Whilst all eyes will be on the FIFA World Cup in Russia, London will host the ConIFA World Football Cup this May 2018 with 16 nations competing from 4 continents for the World title outside FIFA.

Having finished finalists in 2016 in our 1st World Cup competition, the objective is clear within the camp throughout the association that we aim to finish the tournament as champions at our 2nd attempt is the route ahead.

Here is a short clip of the ConIFA World Cup final where we came minutes from winning our 1st world title. ConIFA World Football Cup 2016 Abkhazia vs Panjab

Panjab FA was founded by Harpreet Singh July 2014 shared his thoughts with us. ” My objective when launching Panjab FA, the national football team representing the Panjabi community worldwide was to provide the international platform and exposure to show the talents of the community. We made a made after only 18 months with alot of hard work collectively by being minutes away from winning the only world title outside FIFA.

We are now preparing to compete at the ConIFA World Football Cup 2018 in London. This is an incredible opportunity for us to one step further and win the the World Cup. By winning the competition, this will give all the substance for the gifted talented players of Panjab to progress at an accelerated pace in the game. It is my desire and objective for Panjabi footballers to be a regular fixture in the National League Level 5 of the football pyramid. This World Cup here in London in the in front of the English football system is the perfect setting for all, especially the players.”

The ConiFA World Cup 2018 in London starts 31.5.18 to 10.6.18. For further information

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