Barry Town v Panjab FA – Warm Up Game for Europa League Qualifier

Score: Barry Town 1 – 1 Panjab FA

Match Report:

Panjab FA visited Jenner Park in a pre-season friendly against Barry Town United, who recently secured qualification into the Europa League with a 4th place finish in the Wales Premier League.

Barry Town started the game very well with an well organised press, which forced a turnover of possession very early on and led to a key opportunity for the Barry Town’s attackers to score two within the first three minutes, which also led to two very good save from the Panjab Keeper.

Despite the early pressure the Panjab team – slowly grew into the game by staying well organised, whilst regaining possession back in key areas and creating a big opportunity for themselves in the 25th Minute throw a free kick floating into the box which found its way to a Panjab FA player who was unable to convert – however all the good work was undone through a 38th minute goal by Barry Town’s Kayne McLaggon.

HT: Barry Town United 1 – 0 Panjab FA

The second half kicked off with the introduce of Jayden Sandhu bursting in to space, which allowed the Panjab team to get up the pitch in numbers, despite the attack eventually breaking down, it seemed to breath confidence into the side as a few minutes later – Panjab’s no.11 had a shot from 19 yards out – which was well smoothed by the Barry Town’s Keeper.

The Punjab Team played some good football at times with some good passing combinations, whilst remaining well organised in the defensive phase of the game to nullify the Barry Town Attackers especially with some good work from the Panjab Goalkeeper when Barry Town looked to go over the top.

All of the good work was rewarded with a goal in the 90th minute from a Barry Town mistake which led to Panjab winning the ball high up, with Jayden Sandhu with a lovely finish through the keeper’s legs.

FT: Barry Town United 1 – 1 Panjab FA

Manager’s Comments

‘’The Most Tactically Challenging game I have ever faced as Manager, the lads applied themselves very well and stuck to the game plan, with a bit more composure we could’ve had more goals but the work rate and commitment was exceptional – best of luck to Barry Town in the Europa League’’.

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