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Panjab National Trials

Panjab FA, is Panjab Football Association, national team TRIALS. Panjab Football Association maybe referred to as “we” or “us” or Panjab FA. Panjab FA as in Panjab Football Association is a CIC (community interest company).


  • Panjab football Association will charge a fee of £30 per per person.
  • This fee applies also to each unsuccessful player trial application. For further attempts at the trials, a reduced fee of £20 will apply each time.
  • If you are successful on the trials, you will not need to pay another fee for the duration of 12 months from the date of the application. After 12 months has lapse, you will be required to reapply for the trials.
  • By completing the online trial registration page, you are agreeing to pay the fee of £30.
  • Once your payment has been accepted, your confirmation email will be sent confirming your place at your chosen trial day from PayPal.
  • Booking must be made through the secure PayPal system on the Panjab FA website.
  • Cash payments on the day will not be accepted.
  • Panjab FA will send a confirmation email closer to the trial date with more information about the trial day and messages from the coaches.
  • Panjab FA reserve the right to reject a booking or players that are abusive or threatening to Panjab FA staff, coaches or associated partners through social media, or any other form of correspondence.

Refunds and cancellation procedure

  • Once your reservation spot has been made after payment to Panjab Football Association, to cancel your booking or to change your chosen trial day, you must contact us via email 14 days before the trial day to be eligible to transfer your place to a different trial event. We can issue you an alternative trial day.
  • Injuries sustained to any player before a trial that results in them not being able to attend must be reported to Panjab Football Association via email, 48 hours before the start date.
  • We would advise players to rest 48 hours before the trial date.
  • Panjab Football Association cannot offer refunds to players who are injured during the trial day.
  • All refund requests must be made in writing via email
  • Once payment has been made, unless the refund request is due to the fault of Panjab Football Association, Panjab Football Association has the right to decline refund requests.
  • Any refunds by Panjab Football Association will be made through PayPal and customers will be notified when this has been completed.
  • You are required to submit a photo ID of yourself, as part of the registration. This is mandatory for Panjab Football Association.

Trial days

  • Panjab Football Association reserve the right to change the date and location of any trial day.
  • Any changes to the trial days will be notified to all attendees and your reserved place will be completely transferable.
  • If Panjab Football Association have to cancel any trial days due to weather or any other reason, Panjab Football Association are not responsible for any costs involved in any travel arrangements or accommodation.
  • Panjab Football Association have the final decision on selecting players to put forward.
  • If you’re successful on your trial day, Panjab football Association will add you to the pool of players to be called up for International duty for representing the Panjab national team.
  • By completing the trial registration form and attending the trial day, you are agreeing that, Panjab football Association reserve the right to contact you and call you up for national duty for your national team.
  • Panjab football Association reserve the right to give you as short a notice of upto 2 weeks for national duty and or training.
  • If you are successful on your trial day, you the applicant are agreeing to attend training at the training grounds/location of Panjab Football Association when requested to do so.
  • Panjab Football Association will represent any players being put forward to a club and will represent the players best interest, if a club wants to sign a player on a professional contract then Panjab Football Association will provide a carefully selected, trusted and honest Registered Agents and Registered Lawyers to assist players and parents / guardians to make sure that the player, gets all the support they need and the best deal for their circumstances.

Clothing and training gear

  • By completing the registration form and attending trial days, you the player, applicant and trialist, agrees to attend trial days in the correct football clothing.
  • You are also agreeing to wear the correct protective shin pads, needed to play trial games. Players who attend trial days without suitable football clothing including shin pads, Panjab a Football Association reserve the right to refuse your participation during the day.
  • Panjab football Association require all trials arrive in football boots and shin pads. There are no provisions for this by Panjab Football Assocation.

Child Protection

  • Panjab football Association may soon initiate trial events for u16s age group, to put forward for u16s national team games.
  • All coaches who run our trial days will have all the relevant qualifications including Child Protection Certificates and CRB checks.


  • Panjab Football Association do not provide any personal injury insurance cover to any players that attend the trial days.
  • Players should contact their relevant insurer for information on where they can acquire personal insurance.
  • Panjab Football Association will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or theft of possessions at the trial day.

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