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Panjab National Football Team, Online store is here

This is exciting times for the Panjabi community to enjoy football on the International platform. We are looking forward to a carnival atmosphere building up to, during and after each international game, as the beautiful game has arrived with International football to grace our great community.

Th online store is setup to help fund the Panjab Football Association and in particular, help fund the first ever official Panjab international football team. There will be many different costs involved for the national team. From flights to play abroad, to hosting our opposition from a different area of the world. So it is our intention to be self sufficient through selling our merchandise in return for the support from the community. Please encourage your family and friends to buy a bundle.

So we have put together product bundles to sell for the financial support we receive.. The Panjab national tops and full kits come in different sizes. You can choose either the home kit or away. You can also opt to have a name and number on the back of the football tops.

As Panjab Football Association is a CIC (community interest company) a legal setup designed to serve and benefit people/community, we have opened up an online store. A CiC is a non profit making setup and any profits made must be invested back into the community or to a charity.

Our vision for the online store is that we trade with community support, so for the financial support we receive in the form of sales, we create and design products to give back to the community to enjoy. We aim to win the love, confidence and support of the Panjabi community.

We know and are very blessed to be apart of a community whom have always generously financially (donations) supported and backed community projects in all shapes and forms, whether it is in Panjab or outside of Panjab. We truly are fortunate to be part of a great community who have big hearts.

You can help support this journey buy buying a bundle from the online store www.panjabfa.com/shop/ and sharing this with your family and friends. Alternatively you may be able to help us by offering your services as a gesture of goodwill to help manage Panjab a Football Association.

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