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PANJAB FA plan ahead for development in football

We are proud to announce the plans to establish football development centre’s, in area’s where there is a high population, of the Panjabi community.

Where do we plan to establish the development centres?

We have decided on fixed locations where there is an obvious large Panjabi community. In some cases we may have more than 1 in the same region, demand will decide this. We will also consider development centres in regions or areas where we receive enquiries for Panjab FA to create one.

Below are regions where we aim to establish the Panjab FA development centres.

  • West Midlands (UK)
  • East Midlands (UK)
  • Lancashire (UK)
  • Yorkshire (UK)
  • London (UK)
  • Surrey – British Columbia (CANADA)
  • Vancouver (CANADA)
  • Toronto (CANADA)
  • California (USA)
  • New York (USA)
  • Jalandhar (PANJAB) – India
  • Ludhiana (PANJAB) – India
  • Amritsar (PANJAB) – India
  • Lahore (PANJAB) – Pakistan

Further information?

  • Age bands 6-15
  • Both male and female
  • 90-minute session’s per week. Between 6-12 month development programmes.
  • 10 youth groups in each development centre
  • 12 kids in each group from age 6-10
  • 15 kids in each group from age 11-15
  • Each group will have a suitably qualified football coach minimum FA level 2 and FA Youth Modules level 2 and is carefully screened with CRB checks. The same checks will be made with centres outside of the UK ensuring qualifications and screening checks are made with requirements of the respective country.

Other plans?

We will also look to providing the platform for:

  • Walking football
  • Veteran’s football

More information to follow…..

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