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ConIFA announce the next AGM 2017

The confederation of Independent Football Associations (ConIFA) have announced the date and venue for the next AGM. The date of 28th January at the Stadion Geneve, Geneva, Switzerland. All members of FAs interested partners and media will be in attendance. ConIFA and Association reps will sit to discuss the plans for the next 24 – 48 months.

Panjab FA Chairman, Harpreet Singh, will travel to attend the AGM to support and outline plans that ConIFA and all interested stakeholders can benefit from.

Mr Singh said: “We have a date for the Annual general meeting for ConIFA, I am looking forward to this to meet all colleagues to work together to make all associations and the ConIFA body stronger.

“Panjab FA have grown into a very credible association with the work of the national team, it’s time to further expand the football development in other areas too.”

The bidding for the ConIFA football World Cup 2018 will soon take place for a member association to host the competition.

Would you like to see Panjab FA jointly host the ConIFA World football Cup 2018 in the UK?

Can the Panjabi community create this type of atmosphere? Panjab VS Abkhazia ConIFA World Cup final 2017

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