For the first time in the history of the Panjabi based community, football will be played on an international platform. Panjab Football Association has recently been accepted as member nations into Conifa (Confederation of Independent Football Associations) represents those Football Associations who are not permitted FIFA members. Panjab FA will find suitable talent around regardless of location and build a football national squad to compete against other nations both home and away. With upcoming international tournaments, most notably Asia trophy 2015 in possibly Tibet, there is much to look forward to.

This is a historic moment for the Panjabi community to embrace, enjoy together and finally has the ideal opportunity to demonstrate its football capabilities to the world.

The team at the PFA are passionate for both football and the community as a whole. We have accepted that the scale of potential success of this project and reaching its heights will not be possible without the support of the great Panjabi community. We have a grand history and culture and so it is ideally fitting we now let the world see us demonstrate and unlock the potential within the community.

Congratulations to the Panjabi community on the successful membership with Conifa.